Creating an online hotspot for cultivating ideas

Joint effort
An international sponsored effort will see the construction of a promenade at a popular beach in Walvis Bay and result in the establishment of an online academy
Compiled by Otis Daniels
The successful implementation of the Erongo Sustainable Governance Project will see the construction of a promenade at Independence Beach in Walvis Bay coupled with the launch of an online academy. The walkway will boast a number of facilities, such as playgrounds, benches, outdoor gyms, and lighting that will offer convenience to residents and visitors alike.

The promenade has been part of the municipality’s Urban Structure Plan and will be completed in stages over the next 3 years. The public relations and customer service division of the municipality of Walvis Bay, explained that one of activities of this project will be the establishment of the Erongo Governance Academy.

The academy will be online based and will act as an incubation of ideas for possible projects in the Erongo region. With the guidance of international experts, participants will be assisted to develop ideas into project proposals for possible funding. Members of the envisioned academy will include experts, representatives from academia and local authorities in the Erongo region.

The project is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of European Commission - Development & Cooperation - EuropeAid and implemented jointly by the municipality of Czerwonak and the municipality of Walvis Bay, while the Development Policy Foundation will act as a facilitator.

Approval was granted by the council and subsequently by the ministry of Urban and Rural Development for the signing of the corporate agreement between the municipality of Walvis Bay and Czerwonak in Poland. The Erongo Good Governance Project for participatory urban governance, resilient, safe and inclusive multifunctional public spaces in Namibia, was established with the aim of sharing EU best practices to obtain exemplary municipal services and case studies for innovative implementation (e.g., smart green solutions, universal design) in order to ensure better and inclusive decision making processes.