An ambulance with a difference

Access to remote areas
Compiled by Otis Daniels
A brand-new 4x4 ambulance will make a huge difference in saving lives in the Erongo region.

The Namibian Marshall Rangers (NMR), an emergency action response unit, received a brand new Mahindra 4x4 ambulance donated by M Z Motors.

When Sean Naudé, founder of NMR, moved to the coast, he brought along some ambulances to help out in emergency situations. “We had some accidents in remote areas such as Solitaire, in the dunes, and on the beach. Ambulances also became stuck in remote areas and had to be towed out. In light of this, I approached M Z and they decided to come on board and provide a first-of-its-kind 4x4 ambulance. There are other private ambulance services, and we are here to complement and not compete.”

The ambulance will be available at the coast, not only for the upcoming festive season but will be stationed in the Erongo region for future use. “This is the first privately owned 4x4 ambulance for the Erongo region and will serve the community and the nation. This festive season the ambulance will be available for holidaymakers.”

Naudé said unfortunately, there aren't many 4x4 ambulances with 4x4 pickups being used by service providers to go in and extract injured persons. “We can now actually take an ambulance right up to a patient, whether it is in the dunes or on the beach, and over gravel roads to desolate areas with ease. This will save crucial time because in this industry, minutes matter. We also have informal settlements where the roads are untarred with bumps and ditches. This vehicle is definitely a better option and will do the job.” The ambulance can accommodate two personnel and two laying patients.

The vehicle and the cost to convert it amounted to approximately N$700 000. It will also be equipped with medical equipment valued at N$500 000. “We are looking at things such as ECG machines, ventilators, extraction equipment, stretchers, and air mattresses - which are not cheap. The equipment in a properly equipped ambulance should not cost you more than N$1 million. We are starting small, and, whatever we can get, we will add. ”