A voice for Narraville

Change and development
A newly established concerned group wants to take Narraville to new heights.
Leandrea mouers
A newly established organisation by Narraville residents wants to see change and development taking place in this suburb of Walvis Bay.

The non-profit organisation Heartbeat of Narraville was established by locals Benito Kearns, Olivia Andrews, Adolf Kahmann and Clive van Niekerk.

“There has been a lot of committees formed in the past, a lot of promises have been made, thus we decided that dedicated people are needed to be the voice for Narraville and to raise issues relevant to the people of this community,” Kahmann stated.

Heartbeat of Narraville intents to facilitate and see improvements in the suburb.

"We only have one clinic which caters to other suburbs’ residents also. Our old age home has been on the agenda for years, yet still nothing is coming forth. We want to look at establishing an informal market area for our residents to sell their goods. We have a lot of residents who are unemployed. Another project is to revamp and re-open the play park located between the Narraville police station and clinic.”

The group is also in support of the St Saviour’s Church project of building 14 classrooms for primary school learners.

“We simply do not just want to be a group with big ideas, but a living organism that makes the issues of our community a priority. There are a lot of issues that have been lying dormant. Our people now do not have faith in leaders and committees who have only made promises without any action. Our plan is to tackle one project at a time, and see it through to the end.”

According to the group their first order of business is to call a mass community meeting, where residents will vote for a proper Narraville community committee. A committee previously elected committee was dissolved when another committee was established. However, the correct procedures were not followed.

“We classify ourselves as a concerned group and are calling on the Narraville residents to turn up in numbers when we send out the invites for the community meeting slated for the end of September. As the time draws near we will inform the residents accordingly.”

The founders of Heartbeat of Narraville called on residents, young professionals and the business community to lend a hand where they can.

“We want the youth to get involved. We want to groom our youth to eventually take over the reins from us and take our community to higher heights. It’s high time that something positive happens in Narraville and we want to make that happen.”