Narraville Extension 8 taking shape

Earthworks progressing
Erecting road infrastructure, water, and the reticulated sewerage network is paving the way for the realisation of a new suburb and cemetery under development next to the B2 route in Walvis Bay.
Otis Daniels
The first phase of servicing Narraville Extension 8 is in full swing. Erecting road infrastructure, water, and the reticulated sewerage network is paving the way for the realisation of a new suburb and cemetery under development next to the B2 route in Walvis Bay.

ccording to Anita Kahiva from the public relations and customer service division of the municipality of the harbour town, the process could be completed by the end of February 2024. The Walvis Bay municipal council has allocated N$121 million for land development projects for the 2023/24 financial year with the current financial year set to end 30 June 2024.

When he tabled the budget on 15 June 2023, councillor Richard Hoaeb, the chairman of the management committee, stated that N$26.7 million has been budgeted for the development of Narraville’s Extension 8 which is expected to yield 81 erven of which 71 are residential. Kahiva said a joint venture involving Ndakalimwe Investment cc and Zero Six Five Trading was awarded the tender of N$ 34,641,341.44 (excluding VAT) while the bid to appoint a building contractor to construct the boundary around a portion of the new cemetery is currently in progress.

New cemetery

“The cemetery ground measures approximately three hectares in extent. About half of the site will be enclosed. While it is premature to indicate the exact number of graves, the facility will cater for the next 30 to 40 years,” Kahiva explained.

A cemetery wall, wall of remembrance, site access road and parking lots, storeroom and ablution facilities, security office, cemetery entrance and exit points as well as emergency exit points will be constructed in preparation for the operational phase. Hedges will be planted around the cemetery wall to enhance the sight of the place and to minimise the appearance of the site. Different cemetery sections will be demarcated to cater to different religions in the town.

Diminishing burial space Walvis Bay is served by four cemeteries of which three are still operational and operated by the municipality. These cemeteries are strategically located to serve Kuisebmond, Narraville, and the Walvis Bay town area. Excel Dynamic Solutions, the company that did the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the proposed establishment of a new cemetery in Narraville Extension 8 Walvis Bay, pointed out that the burial space in the Narraville cemetery is diminishing. Hence, a new cemetery ground is required.


The creation of jobs for locals - temporary work for the construction phase and permanent/contractual work for cemetery maintenance and security - are amongst the potential positive impacts that have been identified from the development.

Four people will be employed by the municipality for digging graves and two will be appointed for the general maintenance of the cemetery. A security guard will be deployed on a contractual basis.

Possible impacts

The negative impacts listed include the possibility of groundwater pollution, loss of biodiversity, and loss of or decrease in neighbouring property values.

Excel Dynamic Solutions stated in the EIA that the new cemetery will be located far from the houses - with other municipal developments between homes and the cemetery. Therefore, the impact on property value is of low significance.

Kahiva also confirmed that the council submitted a proposal to the governor’s office to build a monument in remembrance of Covid-19 victims at a site in the cemetery. Governor Neville Andre said he is in favour of a monument being erected at the facility, which is owned by the council.

The grave of the first person who died of Covid-19 in Walvis Bay, Elias Uutoni, is located at the cemetery site. “We are in consultation with the family of the late Uutoni to put up a tombstone. He was the first Covid-19 fatality recorded in the country,” said the governor.