More than 50 000 IDs uncollected

Ellanie Smit
Almost half of the more than 110 000 IDs produced during the previous financial year remain uncollected at the home affairs ministry. Out of the 114 354 ID cards that the home affairs ministry produced during the 2021/2022 financial year, 52 999 cards are still uncollected.

Executive director at the ministry Etienne Maritz has called upon those who have applied for identity documents to collect them. “Applicants must take note that one can collect their ID at the office where they indicated to collect it, or alternatively one can also request the ID card to be transferred to the home affairs office in their respective regions.”

SMS notifications

He said in order to improve service delivery, the ministry in partnership with MTC has reintroduced the SMS notification service for ID applications. According to Maritz applicants will receive an SMS when their application has been approved and printed and when the ID is ready for collection. “This will save applicants time and decongest the offices, since applicants no longer need to visit the office to enquire about the status of their application.”

He explained that applicants will receive a punch notification SMS from 10001 that will inform them that their ID card will be ready for collection from a certain office within five working days when it is being dispatched from the headquarters to the regional office which the applicant chose for collection.

Maritz said that in the near future applicants will also be able to enquire about the status of their ID application by sending a text message. This will also cover other services of the ministry. “By law all citizens and permanent residents must apply for an ID when they turn 16 years of age or immediately after someone’s citizenship or permanent resident permit has been granted. The ministry is experiencing a rise in identity theft, partly because birth certificates and IDs are not kept safe.” He added that providing the ministry with false information and sharing of certificates or IDs are a criminal offences.