A book for each person

Henriette Lamprecht
It is more than a year after the devastating third wave of the Covid-19-pandemic which hit so many Namibians close to their homes and hearts – a death of a beloved, a secured income suddenly much less or even lost, hours stretching into days without any human interaction, the fear for those so very far away from us on other continents, the anxiety to be the one to bring it to your home’s doorstep.

As a very firm believer that the times that test us, should also be the times that teach us, the lessons of the past two and a half years are forever lights guiding the way forward. One of the most important is that nothing is more holy than time and memories shared with those you share your sacred circle of life with. The other is the inner power and strength each of us has to adapt, to overcome, to change, to preserve, to continue moving forward and to find the “inner me” that makes us happy.

The aim of choosing each and every article for the supplement the last few years, has been to empower and inspire. Empowering with knowledge to learn something new, to read further and to broaden your mind. Planting a little seed to maybe, just maybe, change direction onto a new, less travelled road. To inspire by also creating the most flavourful oils from fynbos fresh from the Montagu-gardens. Starting you own little micro greenery on your window sill, bowling dinner guests over with your vegetable confetti. Looking towards the stars to find guidance and solace. Taking a quest to search and hopefully find the elusive answers as a woman in the journey called life. Start writing that book which has been haunting you for years, even though age has made your hands unsteady and your memory sometimes vague. Take out the big, brown box in the garage hidden behind old tennis racquets and camping gear for years not been used and start creating a scrapbook filled with memories.

May you find something between the pages that inspire and empower you, whatever it may be that brings meaning to your life. As the great writer Anais Nin said “there is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person.”