Be your own storybook hero

Can you imagine being the hero or heroine of your very own storybook? You could go on an amazing adventure with all of your friends or perhaps blast off into outer space!

With Loeloe Books you can do just that – or anything else your heart desires.

Loeloe Books creates personalized books to instil a love for reading from a very young age.

“I remember my mom reading to me as a child and I enjoy reading to my own children,” says Loeloe Books founder, Yolanda Nel.

Her approach to illustrations are minimalist.

“The illustrations are mostly neutral colours to not overstimulate little minds close to bedtime. But that doesn’t mean the books should only be read before bed. Reading shouldn’t be loud and in your face; it should calm the mind, while taking you on your next adventure.”

Nel gives clients free rein in terms of content: You choose the character illustrations, the names that should be used and even the background colour for the cover. “This is ultimately your book and it should be the way you want it.”

This also keeps her motivated and creative to create new content.

“No single book looks the same. Some parents use all their children’s names in the books while others incorporate grandparents and even pets.”

To order a personalized book for your little one, contact Nel at [email protected]

All orders received now will be processed in the new year.