What’s Cooking – Where it sizzling on the scene

From kapana to caviar, bush-braais to bougie soirees, we chop them all!
Yochanaan Coetzee
Cooking programmes are wildly popular currently, with celebrity chefs from all walks of life showing off their skills with pricey products, slick knife skills in high-kitchens.
While these are very entertaining and even educational, they often lack a local flair that Namibians can connect with.
Enter, What’s Cooking, the cooking and lifestyle programme that’s taken local fare to the extreme, showcasing the country’s best eats, hottest events and it’s coolest personalities.
“Back in 2018, with NMH quickly expanding its audio-visual content offering we quickly realized that our audience craved a “soft-life” outlet where viewers could step outside of their perspectives, get to know more about the people who colour our society, and mostly importantly, where and what they eat,” explained Yochanaan Coetzee, host and producer of the show.
“This took us on a wild ride, with crazy concepts and corny names flying around, but soon we settled on “What’s Cooking” – which perfectly encapsulated what we wanted to achieve with the programme. To provide viewers with insight into where it’s happening, what they’re serving and who’s moving and shaking in society,” he added.
No steak left unturned
Starting off in earnest with a small crew and shoestring budget, the team behind the programme were able to build a solid following and feedback from the market showed that the establishments they visited saw an immediate uptick in their footfall.
“We wanted to bring a fun, all frills and a ton of fuss approach to the show, but allowing our personalities to let loose and enjoy amazing hospitality, highlighting the amazing establishments we have in the country,” Coetzee explained.
“After a Covid-induced break, the team was rearing to get back out there and, in an effort, to contribute to the local tourism sector’s visibility, we took it upon ourselves to not only showcase establishments, but also our uniquely beautiful cities, towns, vistas and people, by packing up our mini-braai and bouncing around the country to experience the best hospitality and most interesting around.”
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