Grumpy’s fishing report

Finally the big kob have arrived in numbers. Adri se gat was the winner for this week in terms of catches landed but there is more good news! Paaltjies also gave its first share of big kob. Wimpie Delport went out this past Sunday and was rewarded with two kob, both over 10kgs. Nice fish indeed. I am super excited by the news of the arrival of the big kob. Reports received from Torrabaai are also good with lots of kob and galjoen landed this weekend. It seems the warmer weather and the festive spirit are giving the anglers something to smile about. Bakleigat and Mile 72 also produced some good fish. The weather is also good with some great days fishing ahead. Full moon is tomorrow so the fish activity will certainly increase this week. For the anglers heading to Paaltjies, make sure you got your fishing license with you and keep to the restrictions. Fisheries will certainly be visible and check on these. Nothing can dampen the day’s excitement like an unwanted fine. The crayfish divers are also getting some catches with some octopus in the mix. Snoek however still remain elusive. Maybe in a few days that’ll change. The warmer water also brings some action with it in the form of game fish that will be on the prowl. Shad and garrick can be caught with artificial lures such as plugs and spoons. These are cast in and then retrieved, and the game fish then attack the lure. Great areas to target these fish are between Mile 6 and Mile 8. There are a lot of rocks to walk out onto and the gamefish hunt smaller fish in these areas. The stingrays are also readily taking bait and they are massive and strong. Be careful when handling these as they have a very venomous spike on their tail. It’s neurotoxic, so it peaks after about 90 minutes and medical assistance will probably be needed. It’s also their spawning time so releasing them quickly is better for the survival of their offspring. With their spawning time it also attract a lot of bigger sharks so the bronze whalers will also come in closer for the anglers to have some exciting times. These sharks are extremely strong and test the ability of each and every angler. They are caught with mackerel mostly but can be caught with a variety of bait like mullet and horse mackerel too. Don’t forget to use a float when fishing at Paaltjies otherwise the crabs will devour you bait in no time and thus your chances of catching a fish are pretty much zero. Calm seas are predicted for the week. Anglers are however advised to keep an eye on the wind with Paaltjies likely to receive strong winds in order for the fish to get on the bite. Tight lines!