Grumpy’s fishing report

The coast is producing good fish with reports of catches arriving from almost every fishing spot.

Vierkantklip rendered some decent kob. Ethan Hendricks went to the area in search of some fresh kob for dinner. He used pilchard as bait and was rewarded with a nice sized kob.

Reports indicate that Canopy also provided some nice sized fish. As expected, this is usually a very good time to fish the northern shores. The Winston is doing just great and then from Horingbaai right up to the Cape Cross. This should last for the better part of the next three to four months.

We will probably see some nice kob being caught at Paaltjies soon. Just remember that Sandwich harbour is closed for fishing. Paaltjies will be open until 31 December and the three months period closure will go on until 1 April to give the breeding stock a chance to fight against the masses. A positive sign indeed is that more and more anglers are releasing the bigger fish for this reason.

The snoek are still missing which is a bit sad to see since a lot of families rely on this season to sustain them through the winter months with the fishing being slightly less than in summer.

The guides are doing great and they still have quite a few tourists around. The tourist usually want to catch sharks more than edible fish and there are a lot of sharks around. Some big fat female sharptooth houndsharks, or spotted gully sharks were caught, reported guide Gelhar Slabbert. Shane Millne also agreed that there are a lot of sharks taking their bait.

The ski boats are still getting a lot of blacktail around the Mile 6 area and some good sized kob at Mile 14 with Vierkantklip is also producing fish.

The weather turned out beautiful and one can only hope that this trend continues. The swell is also expected to stay quite consistent for the week with no real fluctuations in wave height. There should be some fish to be caught. Give Mile 14 a go. There are a lot of reefs, rocks and kelp fields in the area which fish are attracted to.

Tight lines!