Grumpy’s fishing report

Compiled by Otis Daniels
The last Interclub Angling Competition was held at Mile 108 with 15 clubs taking part to determine the champions for the year.

As expected, the spotted gully sharks were on the bite the whole day. The anglers fished a 10 kilometre area with some areas being more productive than others.

Mullet and horse mackerel seemed to be the baits that had the fish grabbing the hooks.

The top five anglers for the day were Joe Herman of Orca Angling Club with 12 sharks and a weight of 171.8kg. Well done Joe for catching a total of 12 sharks in one day. This is no easy feat.

In the second position followed Brian Curtis from Orca Angling Club with 10 sharks and a weight of 168.4kg. Johan Kotze from Okahandja Angling Club finished third with 10 sharks and a weight of 146.3kg. Tiaan Fourie of Henties Bay Angling Club took fourth position with 12 sharks and a weight of 131.2kg. Gelhar Slabbert of Orca Angling Club finished in the fifth position with eight sharks and a weight of 125.2kg.

Then the top 3 angling clubs for the day were first Orca Angling club with a weight of 759.4kg, second Walvis Bay Angling Club with a weight of 473.9kg and Henties Bay Angling Club with a weight of 467.9kg.

The overall standings for the year after five competitions saw Orca Angling Club with a weight of 1 277.5kg placed first, Walvis Bay Angling Club with a weight of 1 009.3kg in second and Penguin Angling Club with a weight of 920.7kg placed third. Congratulations to Orca Angling Club. Well fished guys.

Some big kob were also landed in the areas such as Mile 72, Mile 68 and Tolla se gat on pilchards and chokka. The northern shores are also giving good fish, although it’s a bit further to drive and with that some more expenses but when the fish really go on the bite in areas like Canopy all the way to Horingbaai then one can fill up on your quota quite easily.

The ski boats were a bit quiet this week. The snoek are still elusive but they too will make a comeback.

The conditions for the week seem average with strong winds. The experienced anglers all agree that we need two or three days of strong south westers to get the fish on the bite.

This we have observed time and time again at Paaltjies, which should produce the first big fish soon. December is usually the month to target the fish in this area.

Tight lines!