Grumpy's fishing report

Some big blacktails were caught all around the Swakopmund angling areas.

Fewer galjoen were hooked, but that was to be expected with slightly warmer waters hitting our shores. Pan-sized kob were also taking the bait.

Calmer waters are to be expected and thus some better fishing. The shark anglers have had their hands full though. Bronzies, spotties, and cow sharks were plentiful. On a single day, captain Zakkie Knuffel from the ski boat Heidi managed to catch 40 cow sharks and three bronzies. He said they used mackerel and mullet.

From a ski boat, one can fish slightly differently for sharks than from the shore. One can use a balloon that's tied to the line to keep either live bait or cut bait up from the bottom of the ocean. Sharks swim in every water column so, on this day, Zakkie knew they were in the upper water column. Great skills, Zakkie!

According to Louis Fenaux, the fishing was tough the past weekend at the annual Cymot Corporate Fishing event. His team came in second overall and they caught some kob weighing up to 7 kg, which was the second heaviest for the tournament. They also reeled in the third heaviest galjoen. They fished the Mile 106 area and landed the bigger kob late in the afternoon.

One team was disqualified for breaking the rules. I am a stern believer in good ethics, so I commend the officials for keeping the competition clean and fair.

The snoek seem to have dissipated for now but the ski boat anglers are getting some kob and blacktail, especially in the Mile 6 area and close to the pump station.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the bigger kob will arrive soon. Tight lines!