Grumpy's Fishing Report

The ski boats got some decent amount of kob at Mile 6 area this past week. I saw some pictures and there were some really big fish amongst the catches. Some barbell were also caught.

Although not sought after for the skiboats due to their low market value, in the right hands they can become really tasty.

Especially if one smokes them. They tend to be really soft with almost no bones and really fatty too. Delicious.

The snoek isn’t coming out as hoped for but the guys are waiting in anticipation. This could very quickly change which every ski boat owner is hoping for. Good catches good reward.

The Rock and Surf Interclub Competition was held at Mile 14 this past Saturday and cold conditions greeted the anglers. The wind didn’t do anybody any favours either nor did the seaweed. Some good sized spotties were caught early morning whereafter the fish got off the bite.

Some decent sized kob were also caught with Martin Cordier catching the biggest one of 113cm. That’s a big fish Martin, well done.

There were a lot of kob in the 5 to 10kg range. I hope this is the start of good catches to come. Kobtober maybe? Only time will tell.

About 250 anglers participated in this competition. The bigger sharks like bronze whalers and cowsharks weren’t on the bite this time round.

Lets hope the water warms up a little and that should get the toothy critters on the bite again.

It looks like nice calm conditions this weekend with mild south-westerly winds in the afternoon. There should be some fish on the bite. Let’s keep an eye out for areas like Maketus and Canopy, and don’t throw away Horingbaai for some decent-sized kob.

The Rising Stars Christian Academy is hosting a 5Fish Festival on 26 November with the first prize being a whopping N$20 000.

Other activities for the family such as pillow fights, raffles, fishy fishy, pop a balloon, upcoming musicians and a lot more, will keep every one entertained from morning till the prize giving.

Cee-jay will sing and entertain throughout the evening. The venue will be Mile 4 caravan park.

Until next time, tight lines!