Grumpy’s fishing report

The cold miserable weather did the anglers along the coast really good and as luck would have it, the cold is going to continue for some time.

Koos Bezuidenhoudt went fishing with his jet ski and caught some nice pan sized kob at Mile 6. The ski boats and kayaks tried Vierkantklip and they too pulled in some small kob with every fifth one being size. Yes in winter it’s the norm and to be expected.

Some maasbanker were also caught. Pan sized fish did however get landed all over our coastline but these were mostly in the smaller size.

The skippers, both commercial licensed and tour operators all agree that the fishing is tough at the moment. The water is also reasonably high so fishing at Mile 14 is almost impossible by boat.

Here’s a tip for the anglers that are targeting fish from our shoreline. Try making your bait somewhat smaller than you are used too. Due to the cold the fish are less active and therefore need less food. You might just be surprised by catching more fish with the smaller bait. You can also down size on the hook size as in winter the younger fish tend to take the bait more readily.

Louis Fenaux says one upside is that there are a lot of foreign clients and he is getting some decent spotties. Shane Millne also landed a bus of a eagle ray. Actually a good catch as rays tend to feed more in the warmer months.

Let us hope that August is the last month of cold weather and then we should get stuck into some better fish soon.

If you are interested in fishing platforms on social media then there are quite a few to follow. At the moment the biggest one on Facebook is Fin Chasers, and they have about 6 000 followers. They mostly post info about the Namibian shore line and where the fish are biting.

The snoek season is around the corner, and it really is a delicious braai fish for the family. When ever I have left overs from a snoek braai, I make snoek pie, give it a go. There are many recipes on the internet and is really easy to make and super delicious.

The galjoen have been biting really slow this year. They usually bite best in winter. So lets hope they too get on the bite soon.

The cowsharks should also be in sooner rather than later for the shark anglers. Make sure to use a wire trace of at least 90lbs to target these sharks, they have razor sharp teeth and will most certainly bite through normal angling line.

Tight lines!