Grumpy’s fishing report

Some super-sized fish were caught this weekend.

A group of friends went in search of steenbras in the Canopy area, and reeled in some big fish.

Rudi Swartz and his two sons, Phillip and Rudi (jnr) all landed some big steenbras and even some big kob. They used octopus as bait.

Sven Welzig and Christiaan Fenwick joined the group and also succeeded in landing some monster steenbras. The anglers released all of the big fish they caught. High five guys and thanks for looking after these fish.

Here’s a tip when fishing with octopus. Throw the tentacle of the octopus into the beach sand. Then you rub the tentacle with the sand until the skin comes off. It works miles better if the skin is off.

Then use a chocca hammer (meat mallet) and soften the octopus meat until soft, same as you would do to your steak. This works really well for both steenbras and kob. Also make sure to use a hook that is fairly strong as the steenbras have super strong jaws and might straighten a poor quality hook resulting in losing the fish of a life time.

Murray Lewis landed a beast of a ray which was probably in the 20kg plus range. The shark was also released. Be careful when handling rays as they have poisonous spikes on the tail and can inflict some excruciating pain when stung.

The boats are also getting some kob in the Vierkantklip area. Skipper Mark Hoffman on his ski boat Maya, caught some terrific specimen with some being in excess of 10kgs this past week.

Galjoen were also on the bite around the Henties Bay area but rather slow. The water was probably too calm but that should come right this week. There were also fish caught along the Swakopmund area but also rather on the slow side. The winning area this week was definitely Canopy.

Remember that the Galjoen Derby (tickets available at Bushwhackers and leading tackle stores) is happening on 2 July. The winning fish can earn you an amazing N$20 000.