Grumpy’s fishing report

It is still totally the wrong time of the year but the ski boats are already getting some snoek.

Usually the snoek season starts in September and runs until about February. These delicious braai fish feed four adult and are sold for around N$150 to N$180 per fish. So go and support the local anglers.

The east wind is still pumping at the coast with only a limited amount of days and time available for fishing in this past week.

There was however the 3rd Interclub Angling competition held at Jakkalsputz. The wind was pumping all day and the fish were tight lipped. Around 200 anglers fished this competition. The catches that were landed included spotted gulley sharks (14), a cow sharks, a sand sharks, soupfin sharks (2), kob (33), galjoen (36) and barbel (3). Biggest edible was a kob of 9.3kg caught by Bertie Diedericks. Johan Agenbach caught the biggest shark, a spotty of 30.1kg.

The anglers still fished hard so congratulations to those that were successful in catching something on a day where the wind and waves were not favourable. John Moody and his son, Ray, left the fishing competition and then decided to do a last cast at Bennie se Rooi Lorrie. There they got stuck into some decent galjoen and managed to catch 12 galjoen just before sunset. Well done guys, perseverance paid off for sure.

Hopefully the east wind will die down mid week and then the fishing conditions should improve towards the weekend.

The water is getting colder still, so we are expecting the cowsharks to come and take our bait. These sharks have super razor sharp teeth so beware when handling them. They can also turn 180 degrees to bite its own tail. Again watch out when handling them.

Shawn Labuschagne went shark fishing at Longbeach, between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, and he got stuck into a big cowshark. He used mackerel as bait. Nice fish, Shawn. The shark was released after a quick photo or two.