Grumpy’s fishing report

The Dunes Mall fishing competition was held on Saturday. The anglers were greeted with a super cold morning on the day.

The fishing area was open and one could fish from the Ugab river all the way to the Paaltjies/Sandwhich harbour border. The water was quite calm and the biggest fish during the course of the day were caught around the Zeila area and all the way up north at Canopy.

The steenbras were the pick of the day out weighing the usually bigger kob. It seemed as if the kob weren’t readily taking the bait but the steenbras sure were.

Henriette Johansen caught the biggest one weighing in at a decent 7.415kg followed by Michael Bouwer’s steenbras of 7.235kg and in 3rd spot followed Andre van der Merwe with a 6,915kg catch. Well done!

Benguella Angling Club, also hosted their annual Benguella Bash at Cape Cross. They too said it was super cold next to the ocean and the fishing was tough. The participants did however manage to catch some edibles as well as some big cowsharks, spotted gulley sharks and smooth-hound sharks.

This weekend is the 3rd Interclub Angling competition which is held at Jakkalsputz. A total of 14 angling clubs from all around the country will participate. This angling competition will be held over a 10km stretch of coastline and most anglers will target sharks as these are heavier than their edible counter parts.

Sharks are targeted with bigger stronger hooks and the bait consists mostly of mackerel and mullet. The heads of these are used as bait. The heads also have the gills in them and these are very bloody and attracts the fierce fighters.

The boats at Vierkantklip are getting some good-sized fish. The kayak anglers have also reported some great catches. The water is also fairly calm so the conditions are perfect for the ski boats. Some hot weather is expected this week with hopefully not too strong east winds.

Jaco Visser and his friend Gene Wegner went to Canopy last weekend and they got stuck into some proper big steenbras. They used octopus as bait and landed three steenbras all over the 12kg mark. Jaco landed one of 19,4kg. Let me tell you that is some seriously big fish. They also released two of the big ones they caught. Thanks for doing so and well fished guys. Tight lines!