Grumpy’s fishing report

What an epic week of fishing it was.

I am back from the mighty Okavango with great success and with sightings of some crocodiles and hippos. I was even lucky enough to see a pair of fish eagles.

But let us get back to the mighty Atlantic. Without a doubt the catch of the week belongs to John Moody from Swakopmund who went fishing at the Zeila wreck area in search of galjoen. His rod bent double and the fight was on. After a few moments he realized that it wasn’t a big galjoen but a very rare spotted grunter. He used white mussel as bait. These spotted grunters are usually found in areas at the southern tip of Africa like Port Alfred. They are delicious and make for great eating!

Garth Eyberg also landed a decent steenbras this past week. Kobus Mostert probably had the most fun this past week. He got stuck into a big kob. Kobus used pilchard as bait and cast his bait out as far as possible. After a few tense moments the massive kob was lying peacefully on the shore. He quickly took some photos and then released the fish. Great Job! That’s our breeding stock that he released so its hats off to you Kobus.

The week was more of less as expected with mostly galjoen being targeted. A few undersized ones were landed in between the larger fish. Mile 32 did great as well as Zeila wreck. The anglers hit Mile 14 and then worked their way back to Swakopmund.

Some loose seaweed in certain areas gave the anglers some grey hair. It’s definitely not much fun to pull in a bunch of sea weed. This usually result in anglers quickly packing up and moving to a better angling spot.

The conditions for the week seem to be relatively calm with some more swell expected this weekend. That should again bring some sought after galjoen on the bite.

Wishing all anglers bended rods, tight lines and singing reels!