The Henties Festival is back

After a two year interruption
The Henties Bay Festival is back after two years of Covid-19 fears and restrictions
Adam Hartman
Henties Bay is ready to host its traditional annual festival on the long weekend of 26 to 28 August after two years of Covid pandemic fears and restrictions that kept the festivities from happening.

"It's time for us to get together again," said festival organiser, Johan Aggenbach.

The festival started many years ago as a means to bring some life to Henties after the cold winter months and strong east winds, and the long weekend due to Heroes Day is an ideal time, said Aggenbach.

"It was usually a quiet time because of the weather, so the festival was also a good opportunity to bring life back. It is even more so now after two years of Covid," he said.

Last year, there was a “mini” festival where each individual restaurant provided some performances, but it was decided to bring everything together again and enjoy it all together, the traditional way.

On Friday 26 August there were be stalls and several performances by local artists, while in the evening there will be a disco for the youth and a wine and dine with Marion Holm, a famous South African actress and author, as well as a presenter for women shows.

On Saturday 27 August there will be the Mini Dash mountain bike race and fun run organised by the Henties Bay Christian Private School, while the traditional angling competition will also take place during the day organised by the Henties Bay angling club. There will still be stalls and performances, all leading up to the highlight event of which will be a performance of South African singer and actor Emo Adams.

"People know him, knows that he is excellent, and gives a good show, so the entire festival is full of fun and entertainment and food, and all kinds of events for everyone. It is going to be really nice," said Aggenbach.

Besides, the festival will also be a big economic injection for Henties Bay, according to him, because it attracts many people to the town, while a lot of business promotions and services are provided.

"It is not just one or two that benefit. Everyone benefits because we are working together," he said.

In the meantime, he told Erongo 24/7, that the reconstruction of the Henties Bay Spar, which burned down in March, is going well, and hopes are that the shop will open again at the start of December – "if all goes according to plan".