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Career Fair
The Erongo Annual Career Fair creates awareness among learners about different career paths
Michelline Nawatises
The Erongo Annual Career Fair is taking place from 10-13 May the Multi-Purpose Centre in Mondesa.

The event whihc attracts over 2000 learners from various high schools in the Erongo region and over 20 exhibitors from different organisations and institutions, allow recruiters who participate to connect with strong candidates outside of the electronic hiring process. It is a platform for networking - beyond career expos, institutions of higher education have recognised the value of fostering more frequent interaction between employers and learners as well as offering local businesses the opportunity to develop an ongoing presence on their campuses.

Yvonne Tjerivanga, Senior Education Officer of the Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture says that this exhibition is meant to create awareness among learners about different careers and equally present the opportunity to discover career options and get more information. The career exhibition is structured in a way that has a component of practical exposure to the world of work as well as opportunities ranging from scholarships, bursaries or attachment programs. Panel discussions will be hosted to talk about issues involving the youth such as teenage pregnancies on a girl child’s career and effects of substance abuse.”

Michael Jimmy delivered the keynote address on behalve of Erongo governor Neville Andre who said that such gatherings are important platforms in partnering with employers to host information sessions, workshops, employer trips as well as an online career management system to connect employers and learners. “For employers, career fairs are the only venue where they can meet numerous potential candidates in person and quickly get a sense of their personality and communication and workplace skills that are not filtered through a digital medium like e-mail or Skype. Especially with today’s recruitments relying largely on electronic applicant tracking systems, these personal connections can make a big difference for students in getting to the next step of the interview process."

In his speech, the governor also said that it is important to honour this exhibition as it is the determinant of the future of our country and region. "TVET is an important game changer in the construction and development of our local economies. Not only are skills necessary but it develops our industries. This career exhibition takes place at the right time, particularly after our learners have been exposed through the just ended WorldSkills Africa Competition, there couldn’t be a better way to maintain the momentum and enthusiasm."

Andre urged young people to seriously look at TVET. "This must be done if we are serious in building our nation and region. We need fitter and turners, we need electricians, we need fashion designers, we need plumbers, we need chefs, we also need builders and motor mechanics, we need carpenters. We need to use our skills to create employment."

The junior mayor of Swakopmund, Jazmine Sitzer said that career fairs are of great advantage. “One gets to physically come and ask the institutions burning questions and gain more knowledge of the fields you are interested in and many more.”