Golf balls to fly in aid of His House

For a good cause 3-Ball Alliance Scramble
His House Care Centre, a Walvis Bay based non-profit organization (NGO) will hosting a Golf Day fundraiser at the Walvis Bay Golf Club on 17 June 2022.
Nikanor Nangolo
A sporting event catering for both golfers and non-golfers will raise funds for the Walvis Bay based care centre His House.

The golf day is part of the care centre’s yearly fundraiser, called Tri Sport Challenge. The money generated will be channelled to cover expenses not covered by care fees, unforeseen maintenance costs and the upgrading of facilities which is a never-ending expense.

The care centre opened its doors in February 2005 to create a homely environment with 24-hour care for people who can no longer care for themselves.

There are currently 16 residents staying at the care centre, four of which are underprivileged persons who rely on subsidies and fundraisers such as this golf day fundraiser.

According to the board director of His House Care Centre and co-ordinator of the golf day, Petro Jones, the format will be a 3-ball alliance scramble drive.

“Companies can sponsor a green and have some advertising set up. His House will have its own green where we will dispense some medicine,” she said.

The registration is set at N$1 800 per team of three players. Welwitschia Hospital will be sponsoring goodie bags for all participating players.

Jones pointed out that fundraising functions are held on a regular basis to try raise funds needed to keep the care centre open. Some running costs are covered by the rent that the residents pay and those that cannot afford to pay, stay free of charge.

“We rely greatly on donations from the public or from local businesses to make ends meet and to enable us to provide a vital service to the elderly of Walvis Bay.

“Our main need at the moment – and it’s a big one – is maintenance. The house needs to be painted and its roof needs attention.

“The list of needs is bottomless. These things however need to be done and we cannot let these things fall behind. His House is the only home most of our residents know and have. We receive some funds from The Erich Koehne Trust to support especially the needy living with us free of charge since 2016. This deal will lapse in 2023.

“We will never put these people out on the streets and have to make provision for them. The earlier, the better.”

She also expressed her gratitude towards all the volunteers and thanked the sponsors for the prizes sponsored for every event hosted by the centre.

“Our golf day is a fun way to do some team building. Anyone not playing golf is also welcome to join us, to support the players or have a chat with the volunteers.”

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