Namibia to benefit from climate funds

News in short
Ellanie Smit
Namibia will be among nine countries to benefit from US$350 million Climate Invest Funds (CIF) will extend in financing and support for nature-based solutions under the nature and climate change investment platform.

This was announced recently during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27).

According to CIF, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, Fiji, Kenya and the Zambezi River Basin were selected as the first partner countries and regions.

Zambia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Namibia and Brazil will also receive support for investment plan preparations, in anticipation of receiving further contributions, it said.

CIF CEO Mafalda Duarte said all these countries are on the frontlines of the climate crisis and can greatly benefit from nature-based solutions support.

With this support, Africa’s Zambezi River Basin countries can maintain valuable ecosystem services that aid food security and economic development and build resilience to climate change, she said.