45% of Namibians have heard of climate change

COP27 kicks off in Egypt
Almost three-quarters of Namibians believe government should do more to limit climate change.
Ellanie Smit
Less than 50% of Namibians have heard about climate change.

Ahead of this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), Afrobarometer launched climate country cards to provide data on experiences and perspectives on climate change in Africa.

COP27, which kicked off yesterday on Egypt, will take place until 18 November.

According to Namibia’s card, only 45% of Namibians have heard of climate change.

Among those who are aware of climate change, 49% feel it is making life worse, while 71% say ordinary people can play a role in limiting climate change and 67% feel that government must take action now to limit climate change - even if it is expensive.

Furthermore, 18% of Namibians believe that floods have become more severe over the past decade while 39% feel that droughts have also become more severe over the past decade.

A total of 72% of Namibians say government should do a lot more to limit climate change, 62% feel that developed countries and businesses respectively must do more, and 58% say ordinary citizens should do more.

Namibia will for the first time have a pavilion at COP, which will accommodate all side events arranged under various thematic areas as aligned to the COP presidency themes.

These are: Climate financing, science and youth, adaptation and agriculture, green hydrogen and renewable energy, and water and partnerships, while discussions on these topics will be held at the pavilion as from today.