Omburu – Khan 2 220 kV power line repaired

NamPower announced that the Omburu-Khan 2 220kV line, which fell on Thursday last week, has been successfully repaired. Tangeni Kambangula the manager for corporate communication and marketing for the national electric power utility said that emergency repairs on the fallen tower on the Omburu-Khan 2 220 kV line started on Saturday and were completed by Sunday, 4 September 2022. The line was returned to service on 5 September 2022 at 16:05. Kambangula explained that upon inspection, NamPower discovered that the supporting stay wires on the power line were removed, in a suspected act of vandalism. "This compromised the support of the tower and caused it to collapse. The collapse of the tower resulted in a veld fire which was subsequently extinguished. No power interruption was experienced due to the trip of the Omburu-Khan 2 220 kV circuit." NamPower apologised for any inconvenience that the incident caused and encouraged the public to be vigilant and to speak out against vandalism of national infrastructure, by reporting any suspicious activity to the nearest police station.