NamPower turns to wind, solar to meet energy demands

Ogone Tlhage
NamPower is planning to implement various power-generation projects to secure energy capacity totalling as much as 220 megawatt (MW).

The projects will range from solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind to biomass and will be run by NamPower and independent power producers (IPPs), and should all be concluded by 2025, it said. “As the projects reach completion, they will over a period of time reduce our reliance on imports and increase self-sufficiency and improve security of supply. These projects form part of the ministerial determination of 2018 and NamPower’s integrated strategy and business plan for 2020-2025,” the company added.

IPPs to produce 70MWs

Among the projects earmarked are a Khan 20 MW solar PV IPP project and a 50 MW IPP wind project. Regarding this project, NamPower said construction activities already commenced in March 2022. “Basic engineering and designs have been completed. The commercial operation date of the power plant is expected to be in second quarter of 2024,” it said.

On the wind project, the energy supplier said the procurement process has been completed and the bid has been awarded to a successful bidder - a China Energy International Group and Riminii Investment joint venture.

“The project is expected to achieve commercial operation at the end of 2025.”

Own projects

According to NamPower, its Omburu 20 MW solar PV project was successfully completed in March 2022 and is currently under commercial operation.

A 70 MW solar PV project is also in the works. “This project’s completion is planned for 2025. It replaces the 40 MW Rosh Pinah wind project which has been discontinued because the wind resource at the Rosh Pinah site is lower than anticipated.”

Biomass enters the fray

An investment decision on a 40 MW NamPower biomass power project “is expected to be taken by April, following the completion of the procurement of an [engineering, procurement and construction] contractor”.

The project entails the further procurement of fuel suppliers for the supply of encroacher bush biomass wood chips, the company said. Construction is expected to commence by the third quarter of 2023 and commercial operation is expected by the end of 2025.

Meanwhile, a contract to construct the 50 MW Anixas project had also been concluded, NamPower said. “The basic engineering and designs have been concluded and the main equipment ordered. Detailed engineering is now in progress; whereafter the construction-related activities will commence on site. These activities will continue throughout 2023, and the completion of the power station is expected by the second quarter of 2024.”