N$300 million ‘Sekelduin’ to increase power supply

Completion February 2023
NamPower's N$300 million project will be a major power boost to Swakopmund and surrounding areas' socio-economy development.
Adam Hartman
NamPower’s N$300 million “Sekelduin” project just south-east of Swakopmund is expected to be a major power boost to Swakopmund and surrounding areas socio-economic development.

Construction of the unique multi-million dollar infrastructure, which will consist of a substation building, two parallel 132 kV overhead powerlines and various automated high voltage components, started last July, and completion is expected to be by February next year. It is called “Sekelduin” which is in the vicinity of Swakopmund dune belt area where the famous Sekelduin (also known as the Amphitheatre dune) is situated.

During a media briefing, NamPower chief operating officer Fritz Jacobs said Sekelduin is one of NamPowers projects aimed at building, strengthening and maintaining the national grid to ensure an efficient, reliable and effective national transmission network. It also forms part of the ongoing upgrade of NamPower’s bulk electricity supply to ErongoRED, to enable the utility to meet current and future electricity demand due to socio-economic growth in the Erongo region.

The substation will become the main transmission supply to the existing NamPower Swakopmund and Tamarisk substations, the NamWater South bulk water supply scheme feeding the new Husab Uranium Mine, and the Erongo RED 33kV medium reticulation. The station will allow for all high voltage equipment to be housed indoors in a purpose-suited building to protect it against the highly corrosive coastal and desert environment.

Fessor Mbango, Erongo RED CEO, said that the Sekelduin project was of utmost importance to the regional electricity distributor’s supply capacity to the town of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. “This project will assist us to meet the current and future demands. We all aware that Swakopmund and Walvis Bay and surroundings communities and businesses are growing, and we will be in a position to supply them with the required demand,” he said.