#JustIn: Fuel prices unchanged in Nov

Jo-Maré Duddy
Fuel prices in Namibia will remain the same next month, after the mines and energy ministry recorded an over-recovery of 148c per litre on petrol in October.

In Walvis Bay, the price for petrol will thus remain N$22.88 per litre, diesel 50ppm will remain N$23.15 per litre, and diesel 10ppm will remain N$23.35 per litre throughout November.

“The ministry intends to maintain fuel prices which aligns to fluctuations in the market, with the primary goal of safeguarding the nation’s fuel supply. Given this, we hold optimism that the circumstances will remain positive in the near future,” MME chief spokesperson Eshioshange Ten Hasheela said in a statement.

Oil prices experienced a significant decline of over US$5 this month due to a decrease in fuel demand.