Students urged to apply for funding by month's end

'Take responsibility for your education'
The minister of higher education, technology, and innovation has urged students to apply for funding by the end of the month and to ensure they sign their NSFAF contracts.
Elizabeth Joseph
Minister of higher education, technology, and innovation Itah Kandji-Murangi has encouraged students to apply for their Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) funding before 31 January.

In a statement, Kandji-Murangi said one of the challenges experienced by the fund is that many students fail to sign their loan agreements as provided for in the NSFAF Act. "I, therefore, urge all eligible students to take responsibility for their education by ensuring that their contract with NSFAF is signed. An unsigned contract is not a legal document, and therefore it does not sanction the disbursement of either tuition fees to the institutions or non-tuition fees that are meant for the student's upkeep," she said.

The minister further said the institutions of higher education are fully equipped and prepared to receive transitioning students from senior secondary schools to tertiary education institutions.

Acknowledged challenges

The minister also said: "Our higher education institutions are cognisant of the numerous national, institutional, and individual challenges in the education sector. "However, I am happy that in my recent engagements with some of the higher education institutions, the various heads of institutions confirmed that effective response strategies and options have been worked out and put in place," she said.

Several institutions of higher education, especially in the vocational sector, welcomed grade 11 and 12 learners who failed with open arms earlier this year, the minister pointed out.


Over the past five years, the ministry says the government has invested over N$7 billion towards higher education through the NSFAF. "Eligible and qualifying students whose parents' combined income is below N$500 000 per annum, are given priority for government funding. For the past few years, NSFAF has funded almost all eligible and qualifying new students," the minister revealed.

She emphasised that new students deserve to experience concerted efforts at institutional, departmental, and individual levels.