Standard Bank joins national Namibian internship programme

Provides N$200 000 contribution
Standard Bank Namibia believes that its support of the Namibia National Internship Program (NNIP) is an investment in the future of the Namibian youth.
Elizabeth Joseph
Standard Bank Namibia has joined MTC in support of the Namibia National Internship Programme (NNIP) with a contribution of N$200 000.

The internship programme was nationalised last year, and MTC has urged corporations, both public and private, to join hands in upscaling the programme into a national vehicle for internships. MTC's marketing officer, Tim Ekandjo, applauded the bank for becoming the first corporate to answer the call favourably. "We thank and applaud Standard Bank Namibia for becoming the first corporate/bank to extend its corporate goodwill to this national internship programme," he said.

Join the effort

MTC revealed that the Office of the Prime Minister has also joined the programme. MTC and the prime minister’s office have each committed N$2 million per year to NNIP. However, the telecom giant said with smart partnerships, they envisage increasing this amount to N$14 million, "which will drastically help upscale the programme's intake capacity from 160 to 1 600 students per annum."

MTC has identified 53 other corporations and encouraged them to pledge a minimum of N$200 000.

Investing in the future

Standard Bank's head of brand and marketing, Magreth Mengo, said the bank aims to empower Namibian youth, who are the backbone of the bank's success. "Standard Bank aims to invest in the future of the Namibian youth and give endless opportunities to the very people who are the backbone of our organisation's success."

Standard Bank believes graduates and interns are the future employees of corporate Namibia, and an investment in them is an investment in themselves. "We hope this contribution is a symbol of hope for students in search of opportunities. Furthermore, we want to encourage other corporate entities to see the value in an initiative such as this. With our involvement, we want to inject the 'it can be’ spirit into the youth and prove to them through action that their dreams are attainable." Mengo said.

Necessary step

Each year, more than 48 000 Namibian students reportedly require internships to fulfil graduate requirements. According to MTC, NNIP is an intervention geared specifically to assist institutions of higher learning in Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities for students – a prerequisite in completing most undergraduate programmes.