Enhancing access to education

Access to education
The Namibian National Student Organisation (NANSO) will launch its "Access to education" flagship campaign.
Shaldon Johannes
The Namibian National Student Organisation (NANSO) will launch its "Access to education" flagship campaign with 'Spearheading and restoring radical responsiveness towards the realization of equitable access to quality education in Namibia' as theme in the Erongo region.

NANSO's academic officer Taapopi Amagola, stated that the campaign frameworks are focused on the mandate of mediating challenges that the Namibian child may face in attaining an education. "We want this campaign to be a tool in which me make access to education smoother by assisting with registration to various institutions such as Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF). We also want to provide assistance to help find accommodation for students and secure placement in basic education schools and so much more."

The campaign was officially launched in the year 2020. It is an annual campaign spearheaded by the NANSO Executive Committee. Consultations and preparations for the Erongo region Access to education campaign has been ongoing since the launch.

The Regional Executive Committee is being assisted by the Regional Working Committee on the ground and by NANSO constituents in the region.

"With this campaign we are actively on the ground ensuring that the hurdles learners face is not impossible to overcome. NANSO is introspectively engaging schools and the Regional Education Directorate on the issues the region faces and implementing resolutions". Our team on the ground is currently spearheading school assessments in the region- Where we have started off in Walvis Bay, this then will stretch out into the rest of the region covering rural areas as well," explained Amagola.

She added that the organisation is disappointed and dissatisfied with the passing rate of the recently released NSSCO/AS results. "I believe as a ministry, we should pull sources and forces together ensuring accountability and that history does not repeat itself in this regard. Learners that have fallen victim, the Regional Executive Committee ensures you that there is a beacon of hope at the end of the tunnel. There are other measures of recovery. We believe this has been a learning ground for us all."

Amagola listed finding placement in schools and the assistance of our constituents in terms of registrations and finding accommodation in addition to the infrastructure of schools and maintenance as the biggest pertinent issues. "The region has already set up a help- line to assist and answer any queries brought forth. Learners with difficulties and learners from marganilised communities are encouraged to call ( 264813306229 or 26481552 8809) the NANSO office for any assistance they might need. The Directorate office supplies us with resourceful information that is then shared with our constituents and the region at large. We also invite volunteers that are willing to assist us with this campaign and stakeholders and companies to helping us help the Namibian child in the capacities that we best can."

The access to education campaign officially Launched in the Zambezi region on the 16 January 2023 and has been active throughout the Country. The launch for Higher Education took place on 25 January 2022 and that date for Technical and Vocational Education will be announced via NANSOs platforms.

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