Woman accused of concealing birth granted bail

Case postponed
Nikanor Nangolo
A 31-year-old woman arrested and charged with concealing the birth of her child was granted bail of N$3000.

The accused Martha Hamukoto made her first appearance before magistrate John Sindano at the Walvis Bay magistrate’s court today (Monday). Sidano postponed the case to 17 January 2023 for further investigations. He informed the accused of her rights to obtain legal representation of her choice, apply for legal aid, or to represent herself. Hamukoto indicated that she understood the explanation and elected to conduct her own defence.

According to an incident report provided by the police, the accused allegedly disposed of the body of a full-born baby girl wrapped in a towel in the area behind Dunes Mall in Walvis Bay last week Tuesday. Two witnesses (aged 65 and 25) noticed shopping bags in the bushes. They investigated, discovered the body and informed another witness who reported the matter to the police. The body was taken to the police mortuary.