Swakop policeman behind bars for bribery

N$15 000 in bribes
A police officer was arrested in Swakopmund for soliciting bribes totalling N$15 000 to sabotage an investigation.
Adam Hartman
Investigators of the Anti-Corruption Commission arrested a Swakopmund based policeman, detective warrant officer Angula Kleopas Shea (51), for soliciting bribes totaling N$15 000.

Kleopas was arrested last Wednesday. The bribes are related to a theft matter stemming from last December when four suspects were arrested for stealing plant pots from a local nursery.

According to ACC spokesperson, Josefina Nghituwamata, Shea took bribes from the father of one of the suspects. The soliciting of bribes started in January after the father wanted to inquire about the seriousness of the theft matter and other information.

Shea allegedly told the father he could destroy the fingerprints, get rid of the docket, and subsequently convince the complainant to withdraw the theft case. He would do this on several occasions and collected various amounts which added up to N$15 000.

Nghituwamata said that the father kept the records between himself and the officer, and about two weeks ago he informed the ACC, who eventually, after finding meritable evidence, arrested Shea at his place of work. He appeared in the Swakopmund Magistrate Court last Thursday, was denied bail and will appear again before court on 17 October.

Because of the ACC Acts’s provision under section 52, which has to do with the protection of informers, the father was not arrested – regardless of whether he accepted the offer to be bribed, and paid the bribe. According to this provision, “No action or proceedings of a disciplinary, civil or criminal nature may be instituted or maintained by any person or authority against any informer or a person who has assisted the Commission in an investigation into an alleged or suspected offence under this Act or any other law in respect of any information, other than a material statement which he or she knew or believed to be false or did not believe to be true, disclosed by him or her to the Commission for the purpose of assisting the Commission in the performance of its functions under this Act.”