Poll: Namibia’s safety in question

• Ranked one of the worst in law and order
The latest poll results were based on interviews with more 146 000 adults in over 140 countries and areas in 2022.
Ellanie Smit
Namibia just missed the list of the top 10 countries in the world when it comes to safety.

This while global polling group Gallup has again ranked the country as one of the worst in terms of law and order. In the latest poll results - based on interviews with more 146 000 adults in over 140 countries and areas in 2022 - Namibia received an overall law-and-order score of 62. This is a decline from last year’s 65, and makes Namibia the 11th worst country in the world when it comes to law and order.

Gallup asked people about the level of crime in their area, how safe they felt walking the streets and how much confidence they had in the police. It then compiled the results into scores out of 100 and created an index, ranking each country by its overall law-and-order score.

Lowest ranked, top performers

The lowest ranked countries on the index are Liberia (49), Gambia (56), Sierra Leone (57), Congo (58), South Africa (59), Gabon (59), Ecuador (59), Cameroon (59), Uganda (60), Peru (61) and Bolivia (61).

The top performers are Tajikistan (96), Finland (92), Iceland (92), Kuwait (92) and Luxembourg (92).

According to the report, roughly seven in 10 people worldwide said they feel safe walking alone at night where they live (71%) and have confidence in their local police (72%). About one in eight (12%) said they had property stolen from them or another household member in the past year, while one in 16 (6%) said they were assaulted or mugged.

Meanwhile, Namibia is ranked at 62 among 134 countries by the Global Finance’s safest country ranking, and received a score of 9.9, with zero being the best. Namibia has recently seen a spate of robberies and attacks on tourists, with travellers warned to be extra vigilant while in the country.