Fisherman drowns

Port of Walvisbay
A fisherman, Daniel Haufiku Vatileni (49) drowned on 6 September 2022. The next of kin of the deceased person were informed. The police confirmed the incident and according to the incident report the vessel named Laxe Dos with 22 crew members, set sail from the port of Walvis Bay for fishing on 3 September 2022. While the crew members were allegedly busy releasing the net into the water Daniel (a deckhand) was busy working at the trawl door. The door swung and hit him. This resulted in Daniel being thrown overboard into the sea at around 07:50. Crew members allegedly managed to throw a life ring out to him. He managed to hold on to it and after few seconds lost control and sadly drowned. The body was retrieved in about 20 minutes from the ocean and brought on board. Daniel was declared dead at around 08:54 and the vessel that brought his body docked at the Port of Walvis Bay port later the day on Tuesday evening around 21:30.