Cocaine found in murder victim’s car

Victim was a Netherlander
The police discovered cocaine in the vehicle of a Dutch national gunned down in front of his house in Swakopmund on Monday.
Adam Hartman
The police discovered an “undetermined” amount of cocaine in the vehicle of the man that was gunned down in front of his Swakopmund home on Monday.

He deceased Roland Masolijn (53) was a Dutch national. The next of kin of the deceased were informed and the police investigation continues. Erongo police spokesperson, Inspector Ileni Shapumba said the police are investigating a case of murder.

It is alleged that, around 16:00, Masolijn’s body was discovered in front of his rented home in the Ocean View neighbourhood. He apparently parked his vehicle outside the house, along the wall and called his girlfriend to open the small gate for him. He went in to get connect a hosepipe in order to wash the car.

After few minutes, while the girlfriend was inside, she heard a “strange sound” from outside their home. After about 10 to 15 minutes, an unknown man, who was passing by, knocked on their door and alerted her about the lifeless body of her boyfriend that was lying in a pool of blood outside. It is suspected that the deceased was first shot in right the buttock, leaving the bullet lodged in his waist. A second bullet struck him in the head.

Erongo 24/7 understands that the some of the incident was caught on CCTV, which will be scrutinized for leads. It is alleged that a vehicle stopped near Masolijn while he was washing the car, and a gunman shooting him, before speeding away. “Available evidence on the possible suspect(s) is inconclusive and police are pursuing the matter with confidence,” said Shapumba.

During their investigation, the police conducted a search in the deceased's car, and discovered and seized an undetermined amount of cocaine; N$2 050 in cash; three mobile phones in a bag; 120 boxes of live 9mm rounds were found in the safe without a firearm, and a firearm license registered in the girlfriend's name.

Anyone with information that would positively aid the police in their investigation should contact the Detective Chief Inspector Johannes Mwatongwe at 081 246 1121 or Detective Chief Inspector Kandali Uushona at 081 811 4770 or report at the nearest police station.