Cocaine found in murder victim’s car weighs in at half a kilo

Valued at N$306 000
The cocaine found in the vehicle of Dutch murder weighed in at 510 grammes, with an estimated street value of N$306 000.
Adam Hartman
The cocaine found in the vehicle of Dutch murder victim Roland Masolijn (53), who was allegedly assassinated in front of his Swakopmund home on Monday, weighed in at 510 grammes, with a street value of N$306 000.

The was the latest information released by the police on Tuesday.

The drugs were found inside the Ford Raptor, which is registered in the Masolijn’s girlfriend's name. Ammunition was also found in this vehicle, as well as three mobile phones, and just over N$2 000 cash.

He was allegedly washing this car when he was shot in the pelvis and face by an alleged assassin. CCTV footage shows a man running from the scene, which is claimed to be the killer.

He said the investigation also revealed the gun in respect of the license that the girlfriend owned was traded at a local gun dealers shop in Swakopmund this year. It was sold to a new owner who has submitted an application to acquire a license.

“Police are still investigating the matter and we cannot reveal much of the progress details at this stage,” said Erongo police spokesperson Inspector Ileni Shapumba.

He further said that while the video being circulated on social media might yield positive results for those who circulated it, publicizing of evidence during the infant stage of investigation poses a serious derailment of investigation from the police’s side.

News reports from the Netherlands indicate that Masolijn had a serious criminal history in Netherlands.

Anyone with information that would positively aid the police in their investigation should contact the Detective Chief Inspector Johannes Mwatongwe at 081 246 1121 or Detective Chief Inspector Kandali Uushona at 081 811 4770 or report at the nearest police station.