Child's body discovered in shallow grave

A body of a seven-year-old boy was found buried in shallow grave, near Dibasen High School, in Okombahe.
Nikanor Nangolo
The body of a seven-year old boy was discovered in a shallow grave, in a riverbed near Dibasen High School at Okombahe.

Two persons of interests (17 and 26 year old males) both the victim's relatives, were detained in connection with the incident.

According to regional crime investigation coordinator, deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, the deceased who was identified as Ernesto Kaimeb Tsamaseb, had a wound wound to his forehead, a suspected broken neck with trace of blood coming from one of his ears. The next of kin were informed and the cause of death is still unknown at this stage.

Tsamaseb went missing from his grandmother's house at the Okombahe settlement on Monday at about 12:00. It was further alleged that deceased was seen following a 17-year-old male (suspected to be mentally disabled and who also resides in the same house), to the field. "The minor (victim) was allegedly told to go back home and was never seen again. His family members reported him missing on Tuesday at about 09:00 and a search by police and community members started. The search team discovered the missing child's body buried in the shallow grave in the riverbed, meters away from Dibasen high school Okombahe at about 15:00," said Iikuyu.

The body was transported to Okombahe State clinic for storage and death certification. It was then taken to Walvis Bay Police mortuary for a postmortem examination to determine the cause of death.