Brother allegedly killed brother

Family squabble
Nikanor Nangolo
A 42-year-old man was arrested for murder after allegedly stabbing and killing his younger brother with a screwdriver in Swakopmund.

The head of the community policing sub-division in the Erongo region, Inspector Ileni Shapumba confirmed the arrest and explained that the incident happened on 23 August at an unspecified time at a local house in the the DRC informal settlement.

The deceased was identified as Anton Gaingob (36). His next of were informed.

According to Shapumba, a heated argument allegedly broke out between the two brothers at //Goa // haob. "The argument allegedly prompted the suspect to stab Gaingob with a screwdriver behind the neck and at the back of his shoulder. Gaingob was allegedly transported to Swakopmund State Hospital by paramedics without informing the police and later transferred to Windhoek Central Hospital where he passed away on Tuesday this week. The matter was then reported to the police. An investigation was launched and various witness testimonies were recorded."