The art of music taught

Sounds of harmony
Michelline Nawatises
G3, a Walvis Bay-based band consisting of three members, recently founded and opened Harmony School of Music (HSOM).

HSOM offers an experience-based curriculum which focuses on practical lessons to assist anyone in expressing themselves musically. The school offers guitar lessons, solo and group vocal lessons, and songwriting sessions.

Carene Smith, the manager of the trio consisting of John Pickering, George Pickering, and Janine Manuel, says the main goal of the music school is to accommodate anyone, young or old, advanced or beginner, and enable them to discover the talent they already have. “We provide lessons on topics such as vocal training, guitar playing, and songwriting. Sessions can be taken solo or in group settings.”

Lessons – tailored to the needs of the students – will be held on weekdays from 11:00 to 19:00 at The Rendezvous in Walvis Bay. These will be offered by the trio, who have been in the music industry for more than 20 years and have received music certification from The Guitar Institute in West London, as well as music publications in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

George and John have both pursued a wide range of musical abilities. They have written hits such as the much-loved Oshiwambo track, “Olupandu”, a duet titled “Life is Missing You”, the award-winning best rock alternative “07 Be Found”, and the more recent hit “Anker” and “Bokkie”. They are the founders of HSOM and along with their colleague Janine Manuel, will guide students.

“They have never been about hoarding their talents and musical knowledge. They also carry a special place in their hearts for the people of Walvis Bay and do not want to see anyone hindered in being equipped with the ability to achieve their musical dreams,” said Smith, who extended an open invitation to visit the school for anyone interested.

Contact 081 455 0080 for more information on Harmony School of Music.