New music by Kenny K heading your way

Modern music
A coastal based music producer, recording artists and videographer will be releasing his much anticipated single soon.
Nikanor Nangolo
The lates offering from Kenneth "Kenny K" Kudumo titled 'Baddies' features Nama award-winning hip-hop artist Kp illest (also known as Kamaaizemi Hoveka) and will be released this month.

According to the artist the song was recorded during the easter weekend at his studio and he dedicated the single to the ladies. “The song comes with a very modern style and sound which I can say is something people would love in the clubs,” he said.

He also released a single last month featuring Azaria titled ‘Run’, “as well as a music video for another single of titled ‘Forty 4’ which he directed and edited himself. “My future plan is to build myself up to a standard where I can help out struggling artists to grow and ebale them to do their work much easier. I want to support the music industry in any way that I can because I know exactly how difficult it is out here especially for artists in the Namibian music industry.”

Kenny K noted that despite the challenges he used to face that he is able to work independently on his own music. "In the beginning I did not have my own recording studio or a proper budget to support my music. Today I am in a posstion to decide when to release which is ussually whenever I am fully satisfied with the creative process. I want to take my music internationally because I believe in my production and my overall sound.”

According to the artist the current standard of Namibian music and the industry is looking way better than it did five years ago. "This is because more young talent is constantly being discovered. I believe that the local music scene will continue to grow and become even bigger over the next years to come.’’

Kenny K is also working on a single titled ‘Room 89’ which features Agogo Skuza and Max Junior. This work will only be released later this year.

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