Ms. Koko announces 'Bars & Melodies' project

'Melodic style'
The coastal-based female rapper will release her first musical project soon.
Nikanor Nangolo
Local songwriter and rapper Anthea Katundu (20), better known as Ms. Koko, recently announced that she will be releasing her new studio project titled 'Bars & Melodies' on 14 August, the day she turns 21 years old.

Ms. Koko, who hails from Walvis Bay, says she tried challengeing herself by tapping into a melodic style with this project. "I am still in the midst of developing my own sound. This project allowed me to try out new things. The EP is to somewhat test the waters for me as an artist. Some music videos and crazy visuals can be expected and if the sound is appreciated, more music will definitely be released."

She pointed out that the number of songs on the new project is still unconfirmed. "The track list is not out as of yet, but you can most definitely expect a few features. So far, I've worked with amazing creatives, and I really appreciate them coming through for me on this journey."

The rapper says she draws her inspiration from little things. "Being able to wake up in the morning and, most especially, the grace of God keeps me going."

She explained that music is her "escape, comfort and motivation".

"It literally gets me through any day. This started as a hobby, peer pressured by my friends. Only now do I really understand the depth it holds for me. I just love it because it is infinite and fluid."

Ms. Koko has been making music since 2020. She is of the opinion that the music industry is growing and being rightfully acknowledged. "One has actual hope of making a huge breakthrough at any given time, inspiring many young ones to work hard along the way."

According to the rapper, the music industry needs support from locals more than anything. "Namibians should support Namibian artists and acknowledge the passion and hard work artists put into their craft. The industry works in a domino effect, meaning if one does not push, the rest won't move."

Ms. Koko also expressed gratitude to her fans for their endless love and support. She advised artists to persist and to keep working hard, even when doors are shut. "Never be ashamed of your hustle any given day, and never forget the ones you starved with."

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