Low Dogg set to ­release new ­album

For the love of music
Shaldon Johannes
Versatile songwriter and artist Steven “Low Dogg” Raymond Muhuura (38), deemed an inspiration to the youth of Walvis Bay, is working on a new album.

The artist is gearing up to release a 20-track album by the beginning of next month, which will feature local talents such as Mesho, Staika, S.K.B, Mzeke, Dore, Berthold, Samuel Ndogji, and many more local talents from Walvis Bay.

Low Dogg explains that his musical talent blossomed at a young age.

“I was in a group called BMC in 1996 while I was still in school, and I was the youngest boy in the group. In 1997 my other friends and I left BMC and made our own group, named 6B.

We made our first group album in 2002. I then decided to start my own label, so I did some hip-hop, R&B, and gospel music, and now I write, sing and produce.”

He adds that music is therapy and keeps him away from harmful habits such as consuming alcohol and drugs.

“Music pushes me to help the young boys and girls make good music as it is a key to relieving stress. Dancing and playing the piano and drums relieve a lot of stress. I like to share when it comes to music. I will do a song with anyone when I am in a happy mood - it is all about the message you put in the music, so all my songs speak about something good and always have a message.”

The artist plans on building a studio to allow young Namibians to have a platform to showcase their talent. “The plan is to help everyone that wants to make music start their careers. My aim is to grow the music industry within Namibia to greater heights as there is a lot of hidden potential.”

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