A piece of the industry’

New music video
A Walvis Bay based musical trio released a new music video for their song titled 'Cake'.
Nikanor Nangolo
The music group Zutigang was established in 2016 and consists of Alustarmadal (Alucreus Nefundo), Saliwest (Salomo Nanguli and S.O.S (Soroseb Repokke).

According to Alustarmadal, the music video by the group which premiered last week, was shot in Walvis Bay last year in June and July. The song features Bearded Wolf (Arturo Ndjulu) and is available on YouTube.

‘Cake’ simply means that we want a piece of the industry, a chance to prove that we are worthy and ready to be apart of the Namibian music industry,” explained Saliwest.

The trio says that they have a project titled ‘Zama’ locked and ready to go for their fans and adds that fans can expect more “Zutitunes later this year.”

They believe that despite the calamities that were brought on by Covid-19 and some of the challenges they are currently facing, such as inadequate funds for promotions, great things still await for them in the music industry. “The industry has grown and has more to offer now. Modern sounds are slowly being accepted by the nation at large and we cannot wait to bring a piece of our ‘Cake’ to the table," they proclaimed.

The Zutigang crew also shared a message with their fans: “We appreciate the love and support over many years. Now more then ever we need the audience to support not just us as Zutigang but every other musician that is trying to showcase their talent. Also, we advise you to do what you must but in the right way. Finally don't ever stop chasing your dream no matter how long it takes.”

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