Truck catches fire on B2 near Arandis

A truck's trailer were destroyed by a fire on the B2 route near Arandis on Thursday night.

A Scania truck operated by a 43-year-old man (the only occupant) was travelling from Usakos towards Arandis. According to the driver, about 35 km before Arandis at 19:38, he heard a strange sound and observed that a rear right tire had burst and instantly caught fire. The fire spread to the trailer. The driver stopped and tried to put out the fire, but without any success. The fire brigade from Arandis arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire.

The driver did not sustain any injuries. Both rear tires were destroyed and the fire caused damages to the trailer which was empty at the time. According to the police, the truck was on its way from Zimbabwe en route to Swakopmund.