Crash! Boom! Bang!

TransNamib suffered another blow when a locomotive derailed in Walvis Bay on Wednesday evening.

According to residents living in 5th Street, they heard a loud bang. They rushed outside to investigate and discovered that a locomotive had crashed through a barrier, coming to a standstill in the middle of the road.

The derailed locomotive was attached to a second locomotive that did not leave the railway track. Members of the traffic department and the police officers subsequently arrived at the scene and cordoned of the area.

TransNamib PRO Abigail Raubenheimer confirmed the incident, saying that one of the locomotives leased by the rail carrier derailed at Walvis Bay at 20:00. “TransNamib’s emergency plan was immediately activated. No injuries were reported and there is minimal damage to the infrastructure as well as the locomotive. We are investigating the root cause of the incident, which should be known in the next few days,” she said.

At the time of going to print, the derailed locomotive was still stuck in the road and blocking off one lane.

Other derailments at the coast last year, involved a “runaway” locomotive that jumped the tracks in Swakopmund in December. This derailment occurred a few hundred metres from the spot in the Swakopmund railway junction where another TransNamib train derailed in March.

Responding to a query about another incident involving a train and a truck which took place within the confines of the Port of Walvis Bay earlier this week, Edith Kukuri the Public Relations Liaison for Namport said that the incident involved two private contractors. “Information obtained from the SHEQ officer for the port authority in Walvis Bay indicate that a collision between a truck and a train occurred on Tuesday. This incident involved a private transporter and TransNamib. They will be able to provide details of the incident.”

The specifics of this collusion remain sketchy, although it was confirmed that no lives were lost as a result of the incident.