The ‘long wait’ is finally over

A message to doubters

06 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Wambüseun; Rapper; “Nothing, however, compares to being regarded as the pioneer of Afrikaans rap in Namibia.”

Swakopmund - Adolf Kaure

The pioneer of Afrikaans rap in Namibia, Lownan Nangombe, better known as Wambüseun, recently released his latest single titled “Lang Wag” (Long Wait).

He explained what the concept involves.

“After I left the industry abruptly there was a void that needed to be filled. Artists had an opportunity to claim their stake. It was awesome seeing that there are many Afrikaans rappers out there. I watched and observed closely. Most of these rappers decided and claimed to be better than me and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone had something to say about Wambüseun and most of what was said was not really nice things about me. I let it slide. Some even took to social media and boasted about being the best Afrikaans rappers. I released my new single to address that issue. In short, you have to do something big to divert my attention.”

The track was produced by Glo Solani.

Wambüseun is also working on an album.

“The album is called Niks is Meer die Selfde because a lot has changed since we started with rap music. It basically takes people on a musical journey through different genres of music, from afropop to rap and rock. The sound is so diverse and shows that Afrikaans sounds better in any style of music.”

The rapper was born in Windhoek and partly raised in Oshivelo. He finished his high school at the coast.

“It is at the coast where I became LO2 then ‘Wambu van die 064’ and finally the superhero we all know now as Wambüseun. As an artist I have evolved to creating more than just music. I am a rapper but was never really classified as one since I started because I rap in Afrikaans. I guess for the people I just did Afrikaans music but I actually rap. We invented trap… No really! Nine years before trap became what it is now, we invented the sound. Shout out to Eclipse.”

Some of the biggest achievements of Wambüseun include selling more units than any other rapper in the country on a single album. He also toured the world as an Afrikaans rapper to non-Afrikaans speaking countries.

“After 12 year, I got recognition from the ATKV for my contribution to Afrikaans culture as a rapper (Kletsrymer). Nothing, however, compares to being regarded as the pioneer of Afrikaans rap in Namibia. Who would have thought a Owambu could do so?”

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