08 June 2018 | Picture of the day

Members of the Namibian Dolphin Project conducted a beach survey along Sandwich Harbour in then Dorob National Park and discovered a 6 m long deceased beaked whale in the vicinity of the border fence. This is a very rare sighting in Namibia. Based on the shape of the head and snout and the overall size the research team resolved the specimen to be a Cuvier’s beaked whale. Also known as a goose-beaked whale, it is one of the most frequently seen beaked whales, despite preferring deep (1 000 m) pelagic waters. Cuvier’s beaked whales are known as extreme divers. Records indicate that a tagged Cuvier's beaked whale dived to a depth of 2 992 m in 2011. This is the deepest recorded dive by any mammal. The whales' rib cages can fold down so as to reduce air pockets and decrease buoyancy.


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Reserved for those with disabilities

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Endurance riders take to the dunes

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