Price of electricity remains unchanged

Erongo RED announced that farmers in the region will also see a slight change in their electricity bill.

06 August 2019 | Energy

Walvis Bay •

Leandrea Louw

Erongo RED announced that the electricity price will remain unchanged until next year July.

According to the regional electricity distributor, farmers in the region will also see a reduction of 1 - 6% on their overall Erongo RED invoice.

Acting chief executive officer Nico Niemand said Erongo RED submitted an application to the Electricity Control Board (ECB) for a tariff adjustment of -0.10% for 2019/2020, which was approved.

“This means that the electricity price, excluding statutory levies, will remain unchanged for one year, effective 1 July 2019 to 31 July 2020. Customers will only incur a slight increase on statutory tariffs which is about two cents.”

According to Niemand, Erongo RED took into ­account the -2.5% NamPower decrease, the impact on customers, concerns from the community, and the current economic situation. They also looked into all possible ways to ensure that they cushion the impact of tariff adjustments to the customers and at the same time ensure sustainability of the company.

He said the company is aware of the severe drought in the country and that most of the farmers are affected by it. “In support of the farmers, ECH has granted Erongo RED to reduce the network service fee by 10%. However, depending on whether they have a first, second supply or a special supply in fixed charges, they will experience a reduction from 1-6% reduction on their overall Erongo RED invoice.”

Niemand said Erongo RED is committed to providing subsidised tariffs to pensioners, which will also remain unchanged until 2020. He then appealed to all pensioners on subsidised tariffs to visit their nearest office and re-register to continue to benefit.

“We have 6 495 pensioners registered on the subsidised tariff. With regard to low income members of the community, the subsidised tariff will only be ­applicable to domestic customers up to 20 ­amperage connection.

“Currently we have 2 198 customers connected to the 20 amperage and those who wish to downgrade can visit the Erongo RED offices.”

Niemand said the company will only cover the initial downgrade cost to downgrade to 20 amperage. “If customers later change their preference and would like to upgrade, they will have to carry the cost.”

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