Police and community tackle crime

Different neighbourhood watches and communities have been called to assist the police this festive period.

03 December 2018 | Crime

Tobie Gerber; Erongo police head of operations; “The Namibian community and the police must work together . . .”

A meeting between the police and leaders of different community structures took place at the Mondesa Multipurpose Centre on Wednesday as the police prepares for the festive season.

According to Erongo police's head of operations, deputy commissioner Tobie Gerber, the police are implementing the Namibia strategic community partnership during this period. “The community and police must work together to combat crime and all matters related to law enforcement.”

The main objectives are to enhance road safety, prevent accidents and crime, visibility and policy.

During the festive period, which starts on 28 November and ends on 15 January, the police will operate two roadblocks. One is on the Swakopmund to Walvis Bay B2 highway, and the other roadblock operates from 09:00 to 17:00 daily outside Swakopmund on the B2 towards Usakos.

Gerber said although there will not be a roadblock outside Karibib as usual due to a lack of manpower, mobile roadblocks will be set up at events in Swakopmund to prevent crime.

According to him, the police has set up measures to ensure that there are less crimes that prevail because of the misuse of alcohol.

“It is everyone's responsibility to make sure that people who are drunk are not given more alcohol at liquor outlets. The commanders will visit these outlets, but we need help from the community police for crime prevention,” he said.

Irregular activities

Neighbourhood watches were encouraged to help the police in alerting them about irregular activities in their areas, as long as they do not beat up people and take the law into their own hands or even assume the responsibilities of the police. He also told the police to assist neighbourhood watches as they “are only effective if they are supported by the police”.

The festive period usually attracts many tourists, especially to the historic town of Swakopmund. However, criminals take advantage of their presence by breaking into their vehicles to steal valuables. According to the police, most of housebreaking and car break-ins happen when valuables like laptops, cameras and cellphones are left unattended.

“Employers should also do vetting to check their employees because every time tourists come in they get robbed. It means there are people letting the criminals know,” said Gerber.

According to the police, people should be properly educated to not leave their valuables visible on the car seats.

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