Ouma Magrita a mother of many

There is much more to old age than the numbers which accompany it, says a granny who turns 103 today.

06 May 2019 | People

Magrita Haoses; Ouma; It’s only by the grace of God that I am able to keep on going

Otis Finck - Swakopmund

The secret to a long life is having respect for your elders.

Ouma Magrita “Mamas” Haoses, who is turning 103 year old today, says she is a living testimony to this.

Ouma Magrita, who was born in 1916 on the farm /Gurus in the Hardap region is still going strong.

Many moons ago she worked as a kitchen assistant while her husband worked as a shepherd on various farms.

They were married for 40 years and raised six children including three (two daughters and a son) of their own and three adopted children.

The eldest is Christina Garises (71), followed by Anna Elizabeth Saal (69) and a son, Jacobus Salon (68).

Ouma Magrita has 23 grand children, 66 great grandchildren and 13 great-great grandchildren. Six children she raised as her own with 20 children of their own who are still alive.

“It’s only by the grace of God that I am able to keep on going. Faith, hard work and a healthy lifestyle are other important ingredients of my longevity.”

Her message to the youth is as follows: “Stay away from alcohol and behave properly. Respect your elders. I only started smoking cigarettes recently to get rid of stress. Today’s loud modern music works on my nerves. What can I say to make it stop? I rather keep quite.”

Ouma Magrita says her hearing is still in top condition, but her eyes and legs are not what they used to be.

“I find it tough to walk these days. Cough mixture, ointment and eye drops seem to do the trick for me.”

She expresses gratitude for the government pension she receives.

“I don’t have much to say. The amount is very small compared to today’s high cost of living. I am, however, satisfied with the little I receive because it is free and they are adding something each year.”

Her birthday wish is wrapped in simplicity.

“If I could make a wish, it would be for a nice traditional ‘lappies’ blanket and material for a traditional outfit including head gear. I am going to attend a church service and enjoy a barbeque with my relatives on my special day.”

With Mother’s Day just around the corner she wishes loads of love for all Namibian mothers with heaps of blessings to all individuals who are considerate towards her.

“God must protect and carry all of us and bless those who look after me.”

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